Top of Utah Snowmobile Association Sign Up Form
To join the club please fill out the form below, and send a check with completed form.
Make check payable to Top of Utah Snowmobile Association.
The cost is $35 for family or individual.

Mail check and form to:

Top of Utah Snowmobile Association
PO BOX 03342
Logan UT 84323

[   ]New Membership  [   ]Renewal Membership   [   ] Business Membership

First Name ___________________Last Name _____________________ Spouse ________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City________________________________ State________ Zip______________

E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________

Telephone: [   ]Home  [   ]Mobile  [   ]Business    Phone # __________________________________

     If mobile phone, would you like to recieve SMS(text) reminders about upcoming events?   [   ]Yes  [   ]No

     If yes to reminders, who is you celluar provider? [   ]AT&T  [   ]Verizon  [   ]Sprint [   ]T-Mobile [   ]Other 

Number of people in family:_________________ Number of sleds in the family:_________________

The club newsletter will be emailed to all members, if you require a paper copy check the box below
[   ] I require a paper copy of the newsletter.

Level of interest
What club rides and activites would you like to see the club organize? Can you serve and how?